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Explore Cisco MerakiĀ Insight & Device Management.

Cisco Meraki Insight helps optimize your end user experience by significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate network or application problems that lie beyond your Local Area Network.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (SM) unifies the management and control of any number of mobile and desktop devices from the secure Meraki dashboard. Seamlessly onboard new devices and automate security policies from anywhere, anytime.

Why Meraki Insight & Device Management?

Meraki Insight & Management - Re-solution

Overall Insight

User experience is essential in the modern workplace with companies becoming increasingly reliant on cloud applications the need for fast cloud application response times is critical. Do you understand what applications are performing well on your network?

Meraki Insight provides an end-to-end visibility into how users are experiencing the network through a holistic view. Meraki Insight delivers increased insight, faster problem resolution and increased end-user productivity.

Meraki Insight & Management - Re-solution

Device Posture

Mobile Device Management is notoriously difficult. Every user is unique, and every device owned is different to that user. Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (SM) ensures the network is kept updated about changing devices and automatically tracks devices posture and adjusts security policies.

Ensure rapid deployment with Active Directory integration, roll out group policies, limit jailbroken devices and revoke privileges if devices violate security policies. All via automated device provisioning.

Meraki Insight & Management - Re-solution

Device Tracking

Cisco Meraki SM ensures the security headache of any device being lost or even stolen is a thing of the past. Find lost or stolen devices with integrated real-time location data via GPS, WiFi or even IP address.

With Meraki Systems Manager you can define geofence areas and automatically apply or remove device and security settings based on the location.

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