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Cisco MDS multilayer SAN switches can help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of storage environments. They combine a robust, flexible hardware architecture with multiple layers of network and storage-management intelligence.

With them, you can build highly available, scalable storage networks with advanced security and unified management.

Why Cisco MDS?

Cisco MDS - Re-solution


Cisco MDS 9000 solutions are adaptable, ready to accommodate future physical, virtual, and cloud environments. They have fully redundant components and fault-tolerant design.

Integrate compact, cost-effective SAN connectivity for applications ranging from small fabrics to large data centers and intelligent SANs.

Cisco MDS - Re-solution

Superior Performance

Cisco MDS 9000 solutions provide for state-of-the-art multiprotocol and multiservice convergence. In addition, you can take advantage of a high-performance SAN extension and I/O accelerator (IOA)

Cisco MDS I/O is a next-generation acceleration solution capable of dramatically reducing both the complexity and cost related to your business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives.

Cisco MDS - Re-solution

Management Simplified

Manage storage and ethernet networks simultaneously from a single platform. Identifying issues the fabric becomes simple with content rich dashboards and in depth reporting tools.

Eliminate configuration errors with templated deployment models and configuration compliance alerting with automatic remediation with Data Centre Network Manager (DCNM)

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Cisco MDS - Re-solution

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