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Wireless is essential in today’s modern world. There are an estimated 9.2 billion wireless devices at present and growing at a staggering rate of 5% year on year. WiFi is critical to the running of today’s businesses and Cisco Meraki are at the forefront of manufacturing equipment that can cope with and also exceed today’s demands. Coupled with incredible analytics, reporting and future proofed upgrades Cisco Meraki should be at the forefront of any WiFi decision.

Why Meraki Wireless?

Meraki Wireless - Re-solution

Unmatched Visbility

Cisco Meraki gives you unmatched visibility into network users, their devices and their applications. Combined with rich analytics you can easily control access and enforce application usage policies ensuring both end-user experience and network security.

By having a complete oversight of who and what is on your network at any given time you can ensure traffic is prioritised to essential applications and restricted from non-essential applications increasing overall performance.

Meraki Wireless - Re-solution

High Efficiency

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest-grade components and carefully optimised for a seamless user experience from both an IT and an end-user perspective. Cisco Meraki delivers faster connections, greater user capacity and further coverage with less support headaches.

WiFi 6 capable with OFDMA, MIMO and beamforming maximises capacity and range. Cisco Meraki also includes a dedicated security radio to scan and protect against threats alongside sensing the RF environments to adapt against interference.

Meraki Wireless - Re-solution

Location Analytics

Cisco Meraki Location Analytics displays real-time location statistics to improve customer engagement and loyalty. The data collected by APs is synced with the Cisco Meraki cloud and automatically reported, revealing visitor traffic trends, dwell time, and new vs. repeat visitor loyalty.

Compare visitor trends between sites or specific times to find the effect of actions on visitor dwell time or repeat visit frequency. All reports are customisable to reflect data for specific hours, days, weekends or months.

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