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There is a fundamental difference between vendors that sell servers and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). UCS is a fully self-aware, self-integrating system – providing flexible, agile and adaptable components allowing support for multiple server infrastructure

Why Cisco MDS?

Cisco UCS - Re-solution

Fabric Centric

Cisco UCS blends all of the system’s I/O traffic into a single shared active-active network that carries all modes of communication from servers to the outside world.

The result is that you can provision and balance resources to meet your workload needs easily.

Cisco UCS - Re-solution

Fully Programmable

From the start UCS, was built with the entire state of each server—identity, configuration, and connectivity—abstracted into software in mind. This allows the whole systems to be 100% programmable.

With a completely programmable system, you can give your clients the level of control they need to manage their workloads.

Cisco UCS - Re-solution

True Business Benefits

The policy-based approach to management ensures simplicity, automation and capabilities needed to increase productivity and support a fast-paced business environment.

Business benefits include, improved staff productivity, faster time to value, increased operational efficient along with improved flexibility and agility.

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