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Traditional firewalls played a great part in blocking traditional threats but what with the latest increasingly complex threats and attacks you need a next-generation firewall (NGFW) providing a 3 times performance boost in comparison to the previous generation all fully integrated with Cisco Talos the worlds largest private security team.

Why Cisco NGFW?

Cisco Next Generation Firewalls - Re-solution

Breach Prevention

Are you protected 24/7? Cisco Talos constantly analyses threat data and creates security protections that the Cisco Next-Generation Firewall uses to automatically prevent breaches. We stop attacks in their tracks so your business won’t miss a beat.

Cisco Next Generation Firewalls - Re-solution

Comprehensive Visibility

Are you seeing the full picture? You can’t stop threats that you can’t see. Get the deepest network and security visibility using built-in advanced security features like NGIPS and advanced malware protection to detect and stop the most advanced threats fast.

Cisco Next Generation Firewalls - Re-solution

Automation & Integration

Stop looking for that ‘needle in a hay stack’ for threats. Let the Cisco NGFW do the work for you. Automated policy application and enforcement free up time so you can focus on high-priority tasks. Cisco firewalls work with the rest of Cisco’s integrated security tools to see and stop threats faster.

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Cisco Next Generation Firewalls - Re-solution

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