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You need your data center network to be a modern, automated environment. One that delivers exceptional application performance and agile IT operations—while also reducing costs.

Why Cisco Nexus?

Cisco Nexus - Re-solution

Priced per Port

Budget always plays a pivotal role. Cisco nexus switches are one of the most competitively priced datacentre switches on the market today. You can buy a 100G port for what the majority of other vendors ask for a 40G port, the same goes for a 25G vs a 10G port.

You also have the option of unifying both LAN and SAN traffic on the same switch, which helps the bottom line and provides further justification for ROI.

Cisco Nexus - Re-solution

SDN Future-proofed

Next-gen switches provide the platform for a software defined network (SDN) architecture and provide the physical network ‘fabric’ or ‘underlay’. They respond faster to dynamic virtualised and cloud-based workloads, and support both rapid traffic growth and changing traffic patterns.

Even if SDN is not on your immediate road map, the datacentre should be ready to accommodate it. SDN can solve many problems and eliminate manual tasks, taking human error out of the picture.

Cisco Nexus - Re-solution

Secure & Extensible OS

Cisco NX-OS helps network operations move at the speed of business, with comprehensive automation, extensive visibility, and flexible open architectures for your data center network. Additional tools for automation and management ensure you can deploy in less time and with fewer resources.

NX-OS is the network operating system for all fabric architectures, from traditional L2/L3 to overlay-based fabrics.Cisco NX-OS powers the modern data center.

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Cisco Nexus - Re-solution

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