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It is getting increasingly difficult to understand who and what is on your network at any given moment. Cisco ISE is a next-generation identity and access control policy platform that enables enterprises to enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security and streamline their service operations.

The unique architecture of Cisco ISE allows enterprises to gather real-time contextual information from networks, users and devices.

Why Cisco ISE?

Cisco Identity Services Engine - Re-solution

Increase Visibility

Identity Services Engine’s superior device profiling and zero-day device profile feed service provides updated profiles for the latest devices.

Combined, these two features help reduce the number of unknown endpoints and potential threats on your network.

Cisco Identity Services Engine - Re-solution

Control Access

Centralize and unify network access policy management to provide consistent, highly secure access to end users.

Use Identity Services Engine to create flexible, role-based access control policies that dynamically segment access without added complexity.

Cisco Identity Services Engine - Re-solution

Simplify Guest Experience

Use the product’s easily-customizable, branded mobile and desktop guest portals to create access in just minutes.

This lets you fully manage every aspect of guest access reducing the number of unknown endpoints and threats on your network.

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Cisco Identity Services Engine - Re-solution

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