Weekly attacks, hacks and breaches – 29/11/2019

Weekly attacks, hacks and breaches – 29/11/2019

Black Friday = Hack Friday, $50,000,000 stolen from Crypto exchange and when is a cancelled account not a cancelled account?

24% phishing attack increase this week…

The frenzy that is Black Friday (November…) is in full swing with estimates expecting that in the UK we’ll spend over 8 Billion this weekend. Great for business, good for consumers, amazing for hackers…

So what should you look out for this month (and ongoing…)

  • Fake Amazon Invoices
    • Receive an email from amazon with a pay link or attachment? Definitely don’t open it. Instead, buy directly from Amazon on their website or app.
  • Emails / Texts from your bank
    • Receive a suspicious activity text from your bank? Text message numbers are easily spoofed if in doubt call your bank using the number on their website.
  • Malvertising
    • Be wary of adverts encouraging you to download software. Once downloaded hackers gain access to your history and keystrokes…
  • Public WiFi
    • It is much safer to you use your mobile data than public wifi when shopping out and about as with Public WiFi you can not guarantee that your connection is private.
  • Too good to be true?
    • It probably is – Airpods for £25.00 never gonna happen…
  • Spoofing
    • Check and double-check the website address impersonating websites is big business and they’re easy to miss…. (Amazon/Amason etc.)

Check out Cisco Umbrella which protects from internet nasties with a free trial here…

Upbit goes down by $50,000,000

Upbit have been the latest Crypto Exchange to have been hacked this year making the rising total to 6 for 2019 with over 158 Million Dollars disappearing.

Representatives from Upbit have advised that 342,000 ETHER coins were stolen in a matter of minutes. All trading has been suspended as a precaution with the funds already having been moved and dispersed by the hackers.

Check out Cisco Duo – keeps you secure even if your password is Password123 everywhere…

Netflix accounts resurrected

A cancelled account means that it’s cancelled right?

Not in Netflix’s case. This week Netflix have been warned to step up their security and procedures after dormant and cancelled subscribers accounts have been hijacked by hackers.

In Netflix’s case if you cancel an account your bank account details are stored for 10 months in the hope that you’ll re-join, hackers are simply reactivating these accounts and then changing the passwords leaving users locked out from being able to do anything about it.

Netflix accounts are commonly being sold on the dark web marketplaces for less than a fiver with the official feedback from Netflix being that if this happens to contact the bank to request a chargeback…

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