Weekly attacks, hacks and breaches – 13/12/2019

Weekly attacks, hacks and breaches – 13/12/2019

1&1 hit with £8,000,000 fine & Gambling definitely doesn’t pay for this chap. But first Santa is real?!

‘Tis the season for stuffing. Not the edible kind but the password kind.

Amazon-owned Ring – a leading manufacturer of recording and remote viewing devices has been in the press a lot this week for various different Ring related hacks and strange goings-on. Amazon has confirmed that it has not suffered any breach of their own internal systems and that all Ring hacks are caused by password stuffing.

What is password stuffing?

Password stuffing is a tool used by hackers to gain access to different accounts. If a username or password has been leaked from previous breaches hackers will utilise this information on different sites in the hope that these users will use the same email and password combination.

This week in Ring hacks a super creep accessed a family’s Ring camera in their 8-year-old daughter’s room and says “It’s Santa. It’s your best friend.”

It has been reported that no harm has been done however unsettling this would have been for the family.

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1&1 and the hard-hitting GDPR hammer

The start of this week definitely wasn’t good for the Germany-based web hosting powerhouse that is 1&1. They faced the 6th largest fine ever imposed under the new GDPR laws due to their insufficient technical and organisational measures in place to ensure information security.

1&1 got hit with this eye-watering fine as the German federal commissioner for data protection and Freedom of Information discovered that anyone calling into their call centre could easily obtain further customer information by simply providing a name and date of birth.

1&1 have very quickly introduced further security questions before granting access to any information. 1&1 have also announced that they are soon to be rolling out a pin code system to be able to authenticate that the person on the phone is who they say they are.

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Lotto things went wrong for this hacker…

London hacker Anwar Baston is swapping out his Ladbroke Grove digs for her Majesty’s finest this week. Batson used automated hacking tools including Sentry MBA to suss out username and password combinations and use them to gain access to National Lottery accounts.

Appearing at Southwark court Anwar admitted four computer misuse charges with a further 3 other charges being left to lie on file after a not guilty plea was made on them.

The charges brought upon were that of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and “obtaining an article to supply for use to commit a computer misuse offence.

These charges have all come around after Camelot the holding company for the National Lottery advised that they have spent over £200,000 on investigating the attacks and bolstering up their security.

This week it looks like it is three for three with DUO…

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