Monthly Newsletter – Feb 2021

Monthly Newsletter – Feb 2021

We have decided to start publishing a monthly newsletter to let you get to know us as individuals, our morals and of course what Re-solution are all about including any updates. You can expect to see solutions/product information, statistics and lots more!


The primary reason Re-solution was formed by Sean Draper and Tom Giembicki in 2015 is because awareness of digital crime and ransomware has dramatically increased and business owners, employees and users need more help as techniques used by Cyber criminals evolve and their methodology becomes more sophisticated.

Re-solution are one of the UK’s leading security intelligence, data protection and cyber-security IT solution providers. Providing a uniquely comprehensive and proactive approach to protecting your network.

We believe in giving customers a better experience; a simpler, more direct and better value route to technical expertise and solid IT support services without the bull.

We work solely with Cisco because we believe their products/solutions are the best. They have the world’s largest private intelligence team, they are an extremely trusted company and have been in the game the longest.

You can find all of our solutions and products here:


Umbrella is a flexible, fast and effective cloud delivered internet security with flexible coverage on and off your network, at home or anywhere!

Umbrella enforces security at the DNS and IP layers to block malware, phishing and botnets BEFORE they hit your network or endpoint.

Everyone wants an easy day at work don’t they? Umbrella requires minimum hassle but ensures that everything is taken care of. Set up policies and unwanted attacks within minutes.

Here at Re-solution, we understand that you may be curious about some of our solutions, should you have any queries – please contact us on 020 3880 8369 or [email protected]. Depending on your requirements, we are able to offer free trials!

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