Meraki Go – Cisco Technology with the Micro/Small Business Price

Meraki Go – Cisco Technology with the Micro/Small Business Price

Meraki Go is the latest release under the Cisco Meraki Line of products. It has been designed from the ground up to be ultra-secure and incredibly easy to manage.

Many small businesses find themselves in the dilemma of not having the resource or technical experience to both secure and protect their internal systems. The traditional methods of securing businesses are cumbersome and require expert technical know-how to remediate any problems or change settings. All of this comes at a high price, not just for the hardware and software itself but for the professional services associated with getting everything set-up, configured and managed.

So what do you?

A survey conducted by found that almost a third of small businesses have no Cyber Security in place. These businesses are instead relying on the inbuilt protection mechanisms of their operating systems and appliances. This coupled with the fact that over 43% of Cyberattacks target small organisations means that a simple, easy to use, easy to manage and most importantly value for money solution is desperately needed.

Roll out Cisco Meraki Go

Let’s take a coffee shop for example. Within your average-sized coffee shop, there will be 2 EPOS terminals, 2 PDQ Machines, a laptop, a phone and most importantly for their customers a WiFi access point.

The Meraki Go product line has a Security/Firewall appliance, Access Points and various switches to ensure that everything stays connected.

So what is a small coffee shop looking at in terms of cost for the Meraki Go products needed to get them up, running and secured?

The Meraki Go Access Point cost is under £110.00 which provides excellent WiFi for both business use and segmented customer user with insights and customer data capture (more on that below). The Meraki Go 8 port PoE switch is just under £205.00 providing both power and data to devices as well as being stackable with 2 1GbE ports. Finally, the Meraki Go Security Gateway and Firewall is only £112.00 with optional web-based protection from phishing and internet malware for an additional £90.00 a year.

The total cost to get the café secured and connected with Cisco Meraki Go technology just over £500.00.

Exploring the Meraki Go line of products

Meraki Go Access Points – Features

  • Ensure your business-critical applications have prioritised usage over other applications
  • Create a secure WiFi network for customers, guests or clients with a single switch
  • Different models can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Access Points come with mounting hardware to provide easy installation on walls or ceilings.
  • Access Points can be meshed together for hard to reach signal areas
  • All issues and data accessible via the Meraki Go mobile application

Read the technical specifications on Meraki Go Access Points here – Technical specifications

Meraki Go Security Gateway – Features

  • Understand what is happening on your network and what is causing it to be slow allowing immediate action to remediate problems
  • Turn ports both off and on from anywhere at any time with all connected devices
  • View alerts to understand whether there are any misconfigurations or bad cables
  • Utilise Cisco Talos to protect yourself and your users from cyber threats
  • Change usage limits simply and easily
  • Block inappropriate website access

Read the technical specifications on Meraki Go Security Gateway here – Technical specifications

Meraki Go Switches – Features

  • Understanding all devices and their connectivity to your Network Switch
  • Breakdown internet usage by devices connected to your switch
  • View alerting ports and enable or disable them remotely
  • Power devices over ethernet to remove the need for additional electrical outlets
  • Apply mass settings to ports
  • View current consumption and power

Read the technical specifications on Meraki Go Switches here – Technical specifications

Want a free trial and proof of concept with any Meraki Go equipment? Hit us up below, we love to help! How can we help you?

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