May Newsletter 2023

May Newsletter 2023

We are back! Did you miss us?! We have some amazing updates for you! We have been super busy here at Re-solution HQ! Firstly, a couple of announcements and then on to some cyber-security facts!

Re-solution Renews their Cyber Essentials Certification!

Re-solution is delighted to announce that we recently renewed the Cyber Essentials certification

Developed and operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Cyber Essentials security scheme specifies five basic control areas (access control, secure configuration, software updates, malware protection and firewall and routers) ensuring protection from 80% of the most basic cyber security breaches.

By certifying to Cyber Essentials, Re-solution is demonstrating its commitment to cyber security, safeguarding its business operations, and providing customers and partners with confidence in its solutions.

In order to achieve certification to Cyber Essentials, a third party hands-on technical verification was conducted to ensure Re-solution fully met the requirements.  This technical assessment was conducted by the certification body URM Consulting Services.

URM’s assessor commented that, Re-solution clearly demonstrated a strong commitment to cyber security by implementing robust measures across the 5 core areas of the scheme”.

Having achieved certification to Cyber Essentials, Re-solution Data Ltd is now listed on a directory of certificate organisations which is operated by IASME, the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC’s) Cyber Essentials Partner, responsible for the delivery of the scheme.

May Newsletter 2023 - Re-solution

Re-solution joins Everything ICT (EICT) Framework!

Re-solution, a leading provider of Cisco solutions, has been successful in joining the Everything ICT (EICT) framework. 

The Everything ICT Framework is a framework that specialises in working with Schools, Multi Academy Trusts, Colleges, Universities as well as other public sector organisations. By joining this framework, Re-solution can now provide end-to-end solutions, covering all aspects of ICT, including hardware, software, networks, and security within the public sector under a government approved framework.

“We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in joining the Everything ICT Framework,” said Jacob Tranter, Sales Director of Re-solution. “This approach allows us to provide our Education and Public Sector clients with a complete suite of digital solutions, all under one framework. We can now provide everything from hardware installation to cybersecurity, all backed by a government framework.”

Some cyber-security facts you may not have heard…

May Newsletter 2023 - Re-solution
  • Government figures show that just under a quarter (24%) of charities have suffered a cyber-attack in the past year! Based on a handful sample of 1,174 charities, the sector experienced around 785,000 cyber-crimes of all types in the last 12 months with the most common being phishing attacks (83%), followed by others pretending to be the charities in emails or online (29%). The rest were a mixture of viruses, spyware or malware. The average cost of the cyber-attacks was £2,310.
  • University of Northampton (2021): In March 2021, the University of Northampton suffered a cyber-attack that caused significant disruption to its IT systems. The attack was a ransomware attack, and the university was forced to shut down its network while it dealt with the incident.
  • Hackney Council (2020): In October 2020, Hackney Council suffered a cyber attack that resulted in its IT systems being shut down. The attack was a ransomware attack, and the council had to work with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to resolve the issue.
  • EasyJet (2020): In May 2020, the airline EasyJet suffered a data breach that affected approximately nine million customers. The attack involved the theft of personal information, including email addresses and travel details.
  • Travelex (2020): In January 2020, the foreign currency exchange company Travelex suffered a ransomware attack that resulted in its systems being shut down. The attack caused significant disruption to the company’s operations, and it had to negotiate with the hackers to restore access to its systems.
  • Labour Party (2019): In November 2019, the UK Labour Party suffered a sophisticated cyber attack that resulted in the theft of confidential data. The attack was believed to have been carried out by state-sponsored hackers, and it caused significant disruption to the party’s election campaign.
  • British Airways (2018): In September 2018, the airline British Airways suffered a data breach that affected approximately 380,000 customers. The attack involved the theft of personal and financial information, including credit card numbers and expiry dates.
  • National Health Service (2017): In May 2017, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) was hit by a large-scale ransomware attack that affected numerous hospitals and GP practices across the country. The attack caused significant disruption to the NHS’s operations and highlighted the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyber attacks.

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