Career in Cyber-security? We say YES!

Career in Cyber-security? We say YES!

Here at Re-solution we are Cyber-security experts who specialise and work only with Cisco and this is our passion! Are you thinking about Cyber-security as a career? Here is what we think you need to know (thank us later!)

Cyber-security career?

Why do we find Cyber-security interesting and chose it for our careers?

  • Career security and ever evolving opportunities – Cyber-security never stops, it is forever evolving with cyber-criminals becoming more and more advanced to find new ways to make money and hack organisations. This is one of the career paths that will be on-going due to this and is actually a sector which is massively understaffed as there are not enough people and experts in the field. With the UK as it currently is, there have been a lot of cut backs with organisations, however – Cyber-security does not tend to be one of them due to the severity of the damage that can be caused by an attack, whether is be financial, loss of data, reputation or even the whole business.
  • Having the option to have multiple roles within Cyber-security – for instance you may start your career on an IT helpdesk, then move to an incident response team, then to the malware team etc… there is always room for progression within Cyber-security depending upon your own goals and ambition. . The world is your oyster!
  • We are all about protecting people/organisations – some people naturally have the instinct to want to protect people, stop bad from happening, look after them, much like say our grandparents. Cyber-security is no different, you are protecting organisations and people from serious harm that could take down their whole livelihood and helping those people/organisations to understand the full extent of cyber-crime and the repercussions.
Career in Cyber-security? We say YES! - Re-solution
Protecting organisations – their money, data and business
  • You do not need a degree to start your career – you can study Cyber-security and take exams to gain your experience to secure roles that are suitable for you within the field. You do not need a degree like some other fields to be able to start!
  • Competitive salary – let’s be honest… all of us work jobs to earn money to fund our families, homes and lifestyles. This is not us being materialistic (maybe for some it is), having a salary where you can live comfortably is realistic. At Re-solution we are completely upfront, so we are not going to miss this reason out! Providing you are willing to learn and are enthusiastic about IT security – your salary can be way above the average household income depending upon of course your location, the organisation you work for and your role.
  • Cyber-security is not boring – as with every role in every sector there will be tasks you may have to carry out each day, however your customers/employer will expect you to keep up with the ever changing world of Cyber-security! There is always more to learn, challenges that you will face that will test your knowledge and skills!

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