Malware attacks are down. You need to look at your AV/ Endpoint protection software

Malware attacks are down. You need to look at your AV/ Endpoint protection software

Starting the year on a high (low actually)

Ransomware dipped just under 10% over the last 12 months and overall malware attacks dropped by 6% to 9.9 billion.

Fileless Malware volume is down 5-fold on its highest point last year with October seeing the worst month overall racking up over 600,000 Fileless malware reports.

The good news is that the criminals are no longer simply shovelling as much s**t into the cyberspace as before.

Check out the graph below to show the rise and fall of fileless malware in 2019.

With overall malware attacks down it’s time to get out the champers and have a toast eh?

If only.

The spray-and-pray methods that previously would have worked with organisations running basic security are no longer working as the operating systems with built-in protection measures catch up with trending threats that have been used repeatedly in attacks across multiple endpoints and businesses worldwide.

Businesses now of all shapes and sizes are finding that the attacks they’re faced with are personalised to their business and their internal processes, programs and personnel. Overall attacks down, Targeted attacks up.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t?

It all depends on what you are using for your Endpoint protection. Below we cover the prevention, detection, response and efficiency of traditional antivirus and what you need to look for next.

Traditional versus Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

  • Prevention
    • Traditional Antivirus will only look against the signature of a file or a program and cannot see whether malware or ransomware is contained within another file. A great example of this is files contained within a ZIP archive file.
  • Detection
    • Malware often comes in seemingly ‘clean’ files. These files then adapt and change once on the endpoint developing into harmful and damaging malware. Traditional Endpoint protection programs struggle to detect these low prevalence threats leaving businesses vulnerable.
  • Response
    • Retrospective security? If a file turns malicious a day or even a year after being introduced onto the endpoint traditional antivirus will struggle to contain the threat and prevent it from spreading to other machines.
  • Efficiency
    • Traditional endpoint protection savaging your computer resources? We’re not surprised. Often traditional endpoint protection programs have multiple different programs and services running concurrently.

Cut to the chase.

Have yourself a free of charge trial of Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for endpoints (AMP). We’ll even install it for free for you…Cisco Advanced Malware Protection – Free trial

Key features of Cisco AMP below.

  • Powerful protection engines
    • Block threats automatically using exploit prevention, machine learning, antivirus, file reputation amongst other attack prevention techniques to stop both fileless and file-based attacks in their tracks.
  • Advanced investigation
    • Accelerate security investigation and incident response using forensic snapshots, predefined queries, live searches, and more. Get the answers you need to hunt, investigate, and respond to threats fast.
  • Endpoint Isolation
    • Stop threats from spreading with one click endpoint isolation all without losing any control.
  • Retrospective security
    • Patented technology to continuously analyse and monitor file and process activity. Automatically generate retrospective alerts at the first sign of malicious behaviour.
  • Cisco Talos
    • Utilise Cisco Talos the worlds largest private security company to get the same level of protection on your endpoints regardless of your company size.

Want to see how Cisco Advanced Malware Protection stacks up against other Endpoint Protection software?

AMP for Endpoints Comparison

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