Cisco and the all-new Catalyst 1000 Switch Series

Cisco and the all-new Catalyst 1000 Switch Series

Catalysts Cisco quality for small deployments

As your business grows, your network also needs to grow and not to get in the way. That’s why having a network you can rely on is important.

This is where the Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switches come in. Providing flexibility, simplicity and security for deployments of up to 250 users.

Flexible, so you can intelligently assign resources

Small businesses are known for their flexibility, so your network requirements may change over time. The good news is that the Catalyst 1000 switches are suitable for a variety of use cases, whether you’re increasing connectivity for more employees or bringing a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices online.

For example, Catalyst 1000 provides flexibility and redundancy for your network through horizontal stacking, extremely helpful for pay as you go environments with stacking through Small Form Factor (SFP) and the Enhanced SFP (SFP+) front panel ports. This allows you to add more switches to the network as needed. Combine up to 8 switches on a single stack, all acting as a single switch with a unified management/control plane and distributed control plane.

The compact, no fan design of the Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series eliminates the need to place it in a control cabinet, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere.

The series also offers a larger PoE budget, allowing you to operate more devices per port. In addition, Perpetual PoE ensures that connected devices remain powered with a switch restart.

Do more. Easier, faster and simpler.

Not all companies have the luxury of dedicated, experienced IT professionals to keep their networks running. Even if this is the case every IT person wears several hats. That’s why we’ve included several features that can save you time on network management.

A key feature is an integrated intuitive web interface called Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) providing you with a wizard for setting up on Day 0, Day-N provisioning, image upgrades, device troubleshooting, diagnostics, system monitoring, and a client view.

Smart Managed models in the series are managed only through the WebUI, while the hard-managed switches provide full access to the Command Line Interface (CLI) to network administrators who want overall control over their management.

Other time-saving features include the ability to connect using a Bluetooth dongle and the automatic recovery of switches. You can access the user interface via a Bluetooth connection by pairing the switch with a computer. This is useful if the switch is stowed in a hard-to-reach place. Using automatic switch recovery enables you to configure automatic recovery on the switch to fix an error after the specified time period.

Safe and reliable, so you can grow confidently

Even smaller networks need to perform multiple functions, and the Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switches can easily meet competing needs with extended support for VLANs. Broader access control tables allow network administrators to segment traffic for more security and control.

The series runs on the classic Cisco IOS, one of the most hardened network operating systems ever released. Advanced security features such as 802.1x authentication and IPv6 First Hop Security provide added protection.

When a business is in full swing, you need to be sure that your networking equipment continues to run. Reliability has been integrated into the Catalyst 1000 series.

If you can only place the switch in a non-ventilated cabinet, the extended operating temperature range is a blessing. And with Perpetual PoE, your endpoints stay powered even when the switch needs to be restarted.

Upgrade from the Catalyst 2960-L Switch Series

The Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series is the upgrade for the Catalyst 2960-L Series. Compared to the C2960-L, the C1000 series offers improved hardware reliability, advanced software options, and enhanced support for VLANs.

Overall, the Catalyst 1000 Series offers cost-effective connectivity that meets a variety of networking needs:

  • Branches with conventionally wired workspaces with Computers, IP phones, WiFi points, cash registers and printers, etc.
  • Construction of infrastructure networks for the connection of physical security, sensor and control systems with each application requiring Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and a low overall cost.

As with everything Cisco, the 1000 series is backed by a limited lifetime hardware guarantee. Providing next business day delivery of replacement devices as available and 3 months of 8*5 Cisco Technical Assistance.

1000 series for enterprise-grade in a small form factor that is simple, secure and flexible.

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