Travel Management Company renews their Cisco Security for 3 years

Travel Management Company renews their Cisco Security for 3 years

A London based Corporate Travel Management Company approached us after we left a message for them with regards to their network security and requested an in-depth quote for renewal of all of their licenses.

The customer was unhappy with their current supplier due to prolonged quoting and lack of contact. The customer was as focused on their new supplier providing the company with what they needed customer service wise as well as IT wise.

Their requirement was for the renewal of their licenses and support listed below:

  • Cisco Umbrella including enhanced support
  • Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection for endpoints)
  • Meraki MR Enterprise
  • Meraki MX100
  • Meraki MX64
  • Meraki MS 120-24P
  • Meraki MS210-24P
  • Cisco Firepower Threat Defense
  • Cisco 24/7 Software Support

Here at Re-solution we pride ourselves on getting the correct quotes at the best costing we can for our customers as soon as possible, supporting our customers fully at all times and ensuring that we do what we are meant to do – take some of their worries and make them dissapear!

The quotes were provided to the customer and our team stayed in contact with the customer throughout the whole process and will continue to do so during the next 3 years. The customer was happy with our approach and our quote so this was all implemented, set up and we now have a fantastic new customer!

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