We sent Condoms out to the owners of London Organisations

We sent Condoms out to the owners of London Organisations

Kicking off 2020 we embarked on a risky marketing campaign to show business owners that their digital security is no different from the security of their offices, cars, homes or belongings.

Let’s start with the perception of threats and how this aligns within the cybersecurity space.

Why Care?

We as people generally couldn’t care less about what has happened or is happening unless it directly impacts us or the people we care for around us.

A great example of this is as follows. Imagine your neighbour down the road got his house broke into and some stuff stolen. Immediately you would think shit. What if that was me? But then fast forward a day or two and it’s all blown over and forgotten about, well for you anyway.

This is the exact same within the IT & Security industry. Every day we hear about another Cyber Attack, Breach, Ransomware Demand or Organisation facing a massive fine due to their own failures to secure data and protect themselves properly. But honestly how much do you read into this? It didn’t happen to you so all good it’s business as usual.

Take a Car for example.

Let’s say you needed to break into a car. You’ve got an important presentation and your key and Laptop are on the passenger seat. How would you do it?

You could break the glass but then your car is exposed to everyone. You could try to pick the lock (if you’ve got experience…). You could call a family member or friend that has a spare or you could call a breakdown service. In reality with breaking into a car, there are only 2 or 3 ways to break-in.

Now your organisation.

There are so many ways and methods that people can use to attack your system within your business that you need to be planning for all eventualities. The famous phrase springs to mind. “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”.

Attack vectors are fluid and the attackers are dynamic in their approaches. Without singling out every route to an attack here are the main ones.

This is why we firmly believe that you need to treat your digital estate with the same care if not more than you would treat your physical property.

Getting the message across.

We got the team together sat down and started throwing ideas around. We really wanted to see how best we can familiarise people that Cyber Security is no different from any other type of security whether it’s Business Insurance, Home Contents Insurance or even the lock to your car or house.



The idea of the Condom got thrown around again and again until we decided this is what we would use to show everyone exactly the correlation to protecting something physical and something digital.

We embarked on an action plan to get 250 condoms printed with our logo and the following website link to show people exactly what different threat types there are and how we help organisations of all shapes and sizes with them.

And that’s exactly what we did. We got 250 condoms custom printed. Got postcards designed and sent them out individually to 250 business owners in London.

How did that go for us?

Incredibly well – The people that received them saw the humorous side and it got them thinking about what would happen if their business suffered an attack or a breach.

Where are you on your IT Security?

More importantly, where do you want to be?

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