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Data from March/April 2023 unveils a concerning trend in children’s engagement with vaping. The proportion of under 16’s experimenting with vaping has surged by 50% year on year, a shift from one in thirteen to one in nine. This coupled with heightened awareness of vape promotions, notably in shops (reported by over half of children) and online (acknowledged by nearly a third), underscores the pervasive nature of e-cigarette marketing. Alarming is the decline in the number of children who never encountered vape promotions, now at one in five, down from 31% in 2022.

Cisco Meraki MT15 Sensors have been designed alongside the DfE to monitor TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) levels, PM 2.5 (Particulate Pollution), temperature, humidity, and vaping detection. The Sensors are tamper resistant, mountable on walls and ceilings and provide alerts to staff members on duty by email, push notification or SMS.

Cisco Meraki MT15 Air Quality Sensor Overview

Why Meraki Air Quality Sensors?

Meraki Air Quality Sensors - Re-solution

Stay Informed

Customise alerts across areas within schools with scheduled alerting for faculty on duty.

Alerts sent via email, SMS, Push Notification, Webhook or visible glance at the sensor.

Meraki Air Quality Sensors - Re-solution

Integrate & Automate

Use API’s to export and transform data into other applications for visibility and analysis.

Utilise web hooks to show the air quality on the schools website for parent visibility.

Meraki Air Quality Sensors - Re-solution

Cost Effective

Cisco Meraki MT15 with 10 year license is under £500.00 per unit for Education customers.

Next day faulty hardware replacement, cloud licensing and updates for the duration.

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Meraki Air Quality Sensors - Re-solution

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