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DNS Attacks: On the Rise

21 June 2019

DNS. The service that translates the name of where you want to get to into a corresponding IP address across the internet. One of the most important features of anyone’s network that no one realises how much it affects an organization without it. The rise of Domain Name System (DNS) attacks and the costs alongside them are increasing at a major rate.

As an employee or anyone who uses the internet on their devices, you never really think about how you’re able to get to the website you want. We all just think, ok I’m connected to the WI-FI now all I have to do is search or type in the address of where I want to go, but what if you couldn’t get to where you wanted to. Without DNS it’s like travelling from Central London all the way to Glasgow without a map to get there. You just wouldn’t know where to go. DNS gives us a road map of the internet and where to go. Without it, we would all be lost.

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So, here are the stats.

What’s the result of having your DNS ‘unprotected’.

The results have caused one in five businesses to lose over £1 million per attack and causing downtime for 63% of those attacked. While many organizations have faced a 34% increase in DNS attacks since 2018, more than 85% of top retail brands found their domains selling fake versions of their products. Reports from security vendors have also found that 45% of organizations had their websites compromised, and 27% experienced a business outage.

With an average cost of £1m per attack and a constant rise in frequency, organizations just cannot afford to ignore DNS security and need to implement it as an integral part of the strategic functional area of their security posture to protect their data and service.

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