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It won’t happen to me...

14 June 2019

Is exactly what one of our clients said 4 months ago when asked about Ransomware. It only happens to people who aren’t careful right?  Fast forward to January and one of his suppliers issues a credit note in relation to some parts that were faulty.  It was from them; The Right name, The Right Company, The Right email address. All good to open yeah?

Nope, Nada, Zip.

A file opened but it was just a blank word document. Hmm… must have been a supplier mistake no drama; time to enjoy the weekend with the family. Roll on Monday; awesome weekend, focused for the week ahead, coffee in hand – time to hit the ground running…

 No file access, no accounting software access. Suddenly it dawns how reliant the company is on data and applications.

Send 2.3635 BTC to 3616f3sp69o7ZrqRDHzmNTkwEYVipUvqNq (£9000 to a Criminal in English). This is the request they received to be able to unlock their files and get the company back up and running from the Ransomware attack. Fast forward a couple of guides on how to buy bitcoin and reluctantly the ransom was settled.

Except criminals are surprisingly not the most honest kind of people. Further threats came, further demands arrived. Meanwhile, the company halted new orders and lost all visibility on where they were, what orders were coming in and most importantly what orders needed to go out.

RE-Solution engaged with the customer from an end-to-end security stance. Security holes were found in multiple areas right the way through from the internet point to the infrastructure.

To halt these criminals in their tracks RE-Solution deployed the below.

  • Cisco Email Security – Ensuring that spoof emails and malicious emails would never reach an inbox.
  • Meraki Cloud Security – Makes sure only the right devices and people have access to critical hardware and data.
  • Cisco Umbrella – Stops anyone from accessing a harmful website before it even happens.


So where does that leave you? You have house and business insurance to safeguard you from Physical Attacks and Accidents but how are you safeguarding yourself from the threats you aren’t seeing. The threats that are happening. The threats that are taking place right now. What are you doing to protect yourself?

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