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Hackers new target: IoT

Yes. IoT devices can cause many problems for your business.

Even if you scan the "whole" network for breaches, you probably didn't know that hackers can still access your Thermostats, your card scanners, your CCTV anything that is connected wirelessly that you don't realise could be infiltrated 

They could be watching your every move without you knowing about it.


Why those devices

 500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2030. Each device includes sensors that collect data,
interact with the environment, and communicate over a network. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of these connected devices.
These smart, connected devices generate data that IoT applications use to aggregate, analyze, and deliver insight, which helps drive more
informed decisions and actions.
The IoT is a critical part of business strategies going forward. Based on an IDC study of 2300 executives in 15 countries, 48% of those
surveyed have already deployed IoT solutions, and 58 % said that the IoT is strategic to their business strategy

Making it work for you

The IoT enables an exchange of data never available before and brings users information securely. With Resolution, organizations can create and monetize new business models and services; innovate easily and get more things done, boosting productivity; and deliver insight for better user experiences and engagement.



Productivity: Innovate Easily and Get More Things

Cisco IoT solutions make it easier to innovate and get things done to boost productivity because of
wireless manageable 91continuous insight into changing conditions. Productivity enhancements delivered through IoT allow you to:

• Boost organizational flexibility 
• Speed time to market

• Improve supply chain efficiency and availability
• Optimize asset utilization
• Implement predictive maintenance
• Improve product development by replacing outdated equipment, integrating controls, and regulating elements



Monetization: Build New Business Models and Services

New insights from IoT connected device data enable organizations to create new business models and new managed services reduced riskbusiness services. Sensors can detect location, environment, presence, and more and provide raw data and analytics to applications, which transform that insight into action that can provide a competitive advantage. Cisco IoT securely connects devices and fuels applications that can be delivered as services. This opens the door to users paying for the end result, not the physical product. This creates new recurring revenue streams and opens the door

 to new market opportunities:


• Create business models
• Offer new services
• Create or enhance competitive advantage



wireless network access 91

Engagement: Insight Enables Personalization for Better User Experiences

Cisco IoT enables organizations to harness new levels of data and insight to better engage constituents. When organizations are allowed visibility into their systems, they can optimize flow and environment for a better experience. Cisco IoT also enables organizations to customize the experience for citizens, customers, and employees. For instance, sensors can alert citizens to open parking spaces and governments to recurring traffic flow issues. By providing better user experience, Cisco IoT solutions improve citizen, customer, and employee satisfaction and engagement:

• Deliver services that personalize and delight customers
• Enable employees to customize the environment to their preferences
• Optimize citizen experience

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