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Trust in your Users

Do you want to Secure your applications and data, whether your users are out and about and accessing it on their personal devices? We have a solution where you can trust your users and reduce the risk of any data breaches.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • User Visibility
  • Adaptive Authentication & Policy Enforcement
  • Remote Access & Single Sign-on


Whose Who?

Today’s corporate networks are a combination of legacy on-premises and modern cloud applications. Users are accessing these corporate applications with a personal device, despite corporate policies that ban BYOD. This means there are likely many devices accessing your network resources without any IT oversight. Having insight into these unmanaged personal devices is a growing challenge for IT and security departments everywhere.


The next level of access control

With the help of Duo we can combine two-factor authentication and endpoint visibility to provide secure access to applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud.



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Secure Access For All Cloud Apps

Duo integrates seamlessly with any enterprise cloud application that supports SAML 2.0 and ensures secure access to popular applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more. As a cloud-based solution, there is never any on-premises hardware to deploy or software to update. It can also scale quickly to grow with your IT needs.


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Stay Safe With BYOD

Duo can provide insight into any device accessing your network, regardless of whether it is a corporate-owned or personal device. It does not require the deployment of any agents, so you can truly cover your entire device infrastructure.




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Visibility and Control Over Contractors and Non-Employees

With Duo, you can create granular, role-based policies to protect access by various groups within your organization. For example, you can enforce stricter security hygiene on third-party contractors when they are accessing your network, like blocking access from proxies, Tor networks, and even specific countries like Iran and North Korea.

Your Challenge - Our Resolution

Easy and secure remote access to internal web applications and resources from anywhere, on any device

Modern enterprises demand agility. Mobile workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) trend has sparked a digital transformation. Organizations have to deal with a diverse set of users such as employees, contractors and partners who work from anywhere at any time and on any device. The proliferation of user types, devices and access locations increases security risks for the organizations. It’s no longer safe to assume that users are who they say they are and their devices are secure. Duo Beyond combines two-factor authentication and endpoint visibility to provide secure access to internal applications from any VPN.


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Seamless and Secure Access

Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution verifies user identities before they can access internal applications. Duo offers native integrations with remote access solutions including Cisco AnyConnect VPN, Microsoft Remote Desktop and many others. With Duo’s MFA, users can confirm their identities within seconds; reducing security and compliance risks for the organization.


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Flexible, Risk-Based Security Policies

In addition to MFA, Duo provides flexible security policies to enforce at the time of access. IT admins can enforce policies based on user and device attributes such as user group, location and their device security posture. Duo’s policies help IT admins reduce and manage security risks by specifying who is allowed to access internal applications and under what conditions.



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Consistent User Experience

Duo provides a consistent experience for all users accessing internal applications to improve user productivity. To access applications, users can authenticate instantly with Duo Push or one of several other authentication options made available by IT admins.

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